Frugal Home Design – “There’s an App For That”

So, you’re sitting in your favorite easy chair and the home decorating bug bites you. It’s time to stop procrastinating and paint that room or hang that picture.

But, as soon as the bug bites, you begin to feel its sting, because now you have to leave that cushy comfy easy chair and hit the hardware store to get the supplies you need.

Well this is your lucky day because – “There is an App for That”!

Say you want to paint the room, but you are unsure of the color. If you have a cell phone that supports Internet applications then snuggle back in and find your color through that fabulous phone!

Yes, there is an amazing App that will take you from general colors to the specific color hues, so you end up with just the right color combination for that home decorating paint project.

To get started of course you must first download the App (it’s only $1.99) and then start by creating a file for the room you want to paint. Next, you touch the screen and begin browsing through every color under the sun as they scrolls by based on the selected and related coordinated pallet collections.

Touch the colors you like and drag them to a work area to manipulate them to see how they look together. Once the choice has been made, the App will identify color names and the manufactures (from the top 6 in the industry) and you’re done.

No more hours wasted starring at the color swatch sampler wall at the home improvement store.

So, what if your home decorating inspiration is a simple wall shelf or art hanging project, but once again, you are short a ruler, level or plumb bob to get the shelf level and the display plumb. No worries because “There’s an App For That”!

This little App is super cool (also $1.99). It contains 5 handy home decorating tools: plumb bob, bubble level, steel protractor, ruler and a surface level. Inaccurate, eyeball measurements is a thing of the past. These tools are now as close as your phone and they are so fun you’ll want to dig up everything and anything to hang, just to play with this addictive little toy.

The ball moves, the plumb bobs and when you get it “just right” it will beep with smug satisfaction. These measuring tools look and feel amazingly real. It leaves you feeling like you are not using your phone at all – You gotta try it.

Ten Cool Smartphone Apps to Try

Now that you’ve purchased your iPhone or Android, you’re likely already at the app store shopping for games and other tools to add to it. Veteran smart phone owners may warn you not to go overboard on applying too many, so that you end up scrolling screen after screen to get to something important. It’s fun to experiment with new apps as you try out your new toy, but knowing exactly what you want for it can help make the shopping decision much easier.

What are the coolest apps to try? It may depend on your definition of “cool,” and what things interest you the most. If you’re interested in keeping up with sports scores, or searching for easy recipes, there are applications to help you. If enjoy games, you’ll find there are some that work even in the remotest areas where your service can’t reach you. Looking for ideas? Here are a few programs with general appeal you may wish to test on your iPhone, Android, or other brand. Some are free, others are paid, but all are worth exploration.

1) Google Earth – See the world on your screen. Google Earth on mobile displays any location on the planet with miscellaneous geographic and topographic information.

2) Bookworm – Similar to Tetris, this word-based puzzle game is equally addictive, and has the added bonus of helping you sharpen your vocabulary skills.

3) Yelp – The app version of this popular social review network helps you track down the best bars and eateries, wherever you are. Get reviews before you make those reservations.

4) Amazon Kindle – With’s proprietary electronic book reader, you can turn your phone into a library. Download samples of hot bestsellers, check out free stories, and buy a book anytime, anywhere when you feel the need to read.

5) The Negotiator – The app version of earns coolness points not only for the tough as nails Williams Shatner screenshot that opens the program, but for the ease of use in finding affordable flights and rentals for travel.

6) Cupcakes! – Who doesn’t like cupcakes? With this neat game you can create your own flavor combinations, decorate, and e-mail to friends. Best of all, they’re all fat free!

7) ESPN Fantasy Baseball – Check on your teams with your mobile phone, make trades and stay updated on all the scores. You don’t have to worry much about not getting home in time for the game with this app.

8) Shazam – Don’t you hate when you hear a song and don’t know who is singing? Download and launch Shazam, hold your phone to the music, and it will give you the artist info and a link to buy in iTunes.

9) Pandora – One of the more popular streaming music apps, Pandora lets you set up channels based on your tastes. You’ll hear your favorite artists alongside similar bands the app recommends.

10) Tweetdeck – On Twitter and Facebook? Tweetdeck lets you check both, so there’s no need to download two separate apps to view your social networks. Post status updates, organize the accounts you follow, and share photos.

With these apps on your smartphone, you can stay updated on the latest news and sports, read up on the classics, and plan a trip anywhere. There’s no limit to what you can discover and achieve.