Four Apps That Make Your Moving Day Stress-Free

Relocation is often tiring and confusing. In some cases, we go about it without a proper plan, and sometimes we develop plans that become too complex to execute. Mistakes can make your moving day a mess and bring forth various issues that you can hardly handle on your own. Thankfully, now you can count on technology. Continued growth and development in the world of apps is offering a few tricks or tips to take care of these problems. Make these four apps a part of your relocation and make your move to the city’s best apartments hassle-free.

For Preparation

Preparation takes planning. Keeping these plans only in your head is not a wise idea when you are trying to handle multi-layered challenges in relocation. Using your smartphone and the app called ‘Evernote’ can make things easier. Jot down your plans in this virtual notebook on your Android or iPhone and follow every chain of thought without any mistake. You can easily pass-code protect these notes and access them through Wi-Fi channels.

For Organizing Your Move

Between careful planning and effective execution is best organization. A lack of organization skills can make all your planning a futile exercise. ‘My Move’ app can help you in his regard. This application comes free of cost and works well with both Android and iPhone. From calculating the weight of your priced possessions that you are about to move, to getting helpful moving tips- the My Move app can easily handle the entire process carefully. This app can act as your mobile planner, keeping information organized for the user. Even if you are looking for relocation service providers, checking reviews in this app will help you get rating-based information for making the best decision.

For A Safe Move

Relocating to or from your apartment is challenging because there are many things that you need to care about. Safety of your property during transportation comes first. And expert guidance can help you stay safe till the end of the operation. ‘Waze’ app offers hyper-localized real-time traffic updates that help you select a safe and stress-free path to your destination. You can even get information on gas prices from this app.

Unpacking and Decorating Without Mistakes

After planning, organizing, and moving your things to the new destination, the only thing that remains is unpacking and decorating. ‘Homestyler’ app can help you do it without a single mistake. This app offers you an opportunity to click a picture of a room and virtually decorating the room with 3D models of furniture, art, and appliances. Use this app to decorate your home faster and without making any mistakes.

Top Ten iPad Apps for Families With Autism

CDC Statistics released in 2014 show that 1 percent of the world’s population lives on the autism spectrum. Numbers in the United States are higher, ranging up to about 15 percent between 2002 and 2010. Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability. Despite the rapid growth and lack of a cure, there is good news. Doctors are diagnosing Autism earlier, making early intervention possible. In addition, more attention to the disorder is closing gaps and making the world a little less intimidating for those on the spectrum. One major benefit: technology. New technology has allowed significant progress in children with Autism and created tools that are at home, school or therapy. In particular: the iPad.


This app works offers scheduling, pictures and a timer. Children can view photos of tasks they need to complete as well as timers for completing the tasks. Viewing options allow for more or less tasks to reduce anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Garage Band

Many children with Autism excel at music. The Garage Band app lets children play a variety of musical instruments and record themselves playing. They can even record write their own songs.

ABA Flash Cards – Emotions

Children with Autism have a hard time with empathy. While average children determine emotions through body language, facial expressions and voice tone, most children with Autism do not. This app shows flashcards and asks the child to identify feelings based on the photo.

My Horse

Children with autism can develop empathy through working and caring for animals. Most families may not be able to get a pet or allowing a child with Autism to take on the majority of the caring may not be realistic. This app allows children to pick a horse and name it. The child can feed the horse, play with it, give it rest and clean its stall. Children can also connect with other friends using the same app.

Kid in Story

Children and adults can create stories that include aspects of their own lives on this app. You can add in traveling or other transitions in preparation for a situation that could be difficult. You can map the entire trip or transition through a story. The app costs $6.99, but you can get the companion app free. This allows the stories to be shared with family, therapists and teachers.

My Playhome

This computerized dollhouse includes every activity a child might do when playing with a traditional dollhouse. Kids can cook dinner, place dolls at a table for family game night and put kids to bed. This app allows children to explore social activities without the stress of other people. There is more room to see and move. Children can share their game and ideas with others when they feel comfortable.


You can help your child create their own stories with photos of your family. Children will be able to relate to the stories because they recognize the photos. This is a great way to teach them how to behave in different situations and facilitates communication through story time.

Endless Alphabet

This app helps your child learn to read, with a twist. Instead of teaching your child “B is for ball,” they might hear “B is for balloon or C is for Chiropractor.” With longer words and music, children’s vocabulary can grow quickly. The music and interactive games make it a fun app for most kids.


Children love watching videos. Children with Autism may especially love watching videos and songs on YouTube. However, this site often brings up videos that are not age-appropriate. This app lets parents create playlists the children can view. Kids can enjoy videos and parents don’t have to worry!

Talking Character Apps from Outfit7

There are varieties of apps including Talking Tom and Talking Angela featured among these apps. The app talks back to children, encouraging them to develop their language skills. There are different logic games as well. Kids can dress up their characters, work through puzzles, decorate their pet’s home, feed them, bathe them and put them to sleep.