Practical iPhone Apps

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about iPhone apps?
-Let me guess, you think of fun, entertainment, a great way to spend your free time. Of course you would be right, but the great thing about these apps is that they offer something more than just a good leisure time.

Imagine the following situation, you are relaxing at your home, watching TV and just looking forward to a quiet evening with yourself, when suddenly your phone rings and your friends invite themselves for a dinner at your house. You are getting panic stricken? -Do not worry; the iPhone team has developed many applications specifically for these kinds of situations.

Trust me, there are many many iPhone apps that can literally save your life, so ditch your centuries old and dusty kitchen books, cause frankly you don’t need them anymore, their only place now is into a museum, you have your iPhone now, which takes the minimum amount of space and contains kitchen recipes from Chinese to Italian, to Mexican, from appetizers to deserts, all you have to do is click and start cooking.

Some of these apps can even teach you how to serve, so you can impress your friends with your skills, and the best of all is that you can take full credits for the effort, I am sure your iPhone will not mind.
Some of the best apps from this category are: Black Book Guides, Urban Spoon Shop Responsibly, Eat Fresh, Say Cheese and many more, and they are all available on the app store.

But cooking is not the only thing that the iPhone has got covered with its wide range of applications.

Now honestly, how much money have you spent on a decorator for your new house or apartment?
-A lot, right?

Well good news for you and your wallet, some of the newest iPhone apps are dedicated on home decoration, and even how to decorate according to feng shui and feel the peaceful atmosphere in your new home.

Here you can find many styles and suggestions from new age, to classic, to artistic. With mixing and combining these styles you can decorate your room by your own desires and still be trendy without spending a dime on a decorator. Here are your new best decorating advisors: Color Capture, Color Snap, Mark on Call, all available on the app store.

But there is more, the iphone apps [] team is working around the clock to make your life easier, so we have new apps coming out every day. So the next time when you think about iPhone apps think fun, entertainment, but also think practical, functional, and definitely a great asset and a must have in your everyday routine.